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Lockheed Martin (NYSE:LMT) Finally Pulls Back, Here's The Trade

Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT) is a leading defense and aerospace company. The stock has been one of the best performing equities over the past four years. Finally, LMT stock is pulling back over the past four trading sessions. The stock is now close to testing its 20-day moving average. Traders should note that this 20-day moving average is minor support so there is a good chance that the stock could move lower. The daily chart is signaling very solid support around the…


Added by Bryan Leighton on October 18, 2017 at 12:21pm — No Comments

Nasty Bear Flag Alert On $OLED: Here Is The Trade...

Shares of Universal Display Corporation (NASDAQ:OLED) have one of the tightest, nastiest bear flag formations I have seen. There are high odds of this stock taking a major leg lower in the coming weeks. The first target is $108 and the second target is $90. The key here is the recent news from just days ago that many Asian companies are over-producing OLED displays. Asia and specifically China have a history of overproducing things and dumping them on the overall market, killing…


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$CSX Corp (CSX) Falls On Earnings, Here Is The Downside Target Price...

Shares of CSX Corporation (NASDAQ:CSX) fell after the transport stock reported earnings that beat Wall Street expectations. Does it sound weird, it is falling on an earnings beat? Upon a closer look, some accounting maneuvers allowed for that beat. If you back out those shady dealings, CSX Corporation actually missed earnings. This explains why it is falling. Being a technical chart trader, I have been bearish on CSX Corporation. I just cannot make sense of a railroad stock trading at…


Added by Bryan Leighton on July 19, 2017 at 3:21pm — No Comments

Alert: Topping Tail Signals Max Move Complete On Boeing Co

Shares of Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) surged in early trading, hitting new all-time highs at $208.61. However, the rally faded as the day dragged on with the stock giving back all the gains and closing flat at $206.44. This reversal from all-time highs increases the odds exponentially that a top is in on the aerospace company. Boeing Co has an official topping tail in place and should now start selling lower. The next wave of selling will take the stock to the daily 50 moving average, which also…


Added by Bryan Leighton on July 13, 2017 at 9:49am — No Comments

Read Between The Stock Price Action: Alibaba Just Told Investors Something HUGE $BABA

Did you see the price action on Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE:BABA) today? The stock opened sharply higher before seeing about 1 hour of hard, heavy selling. This took the stock from a big gain to negative. After the first hour, Alibaba has slowly floated higher back to the flat line and slightly positive on extremely light volume.


So what does this mean? Why is it so significant? The heavy volume selling which last an hour was major institutions unloading. They always sell…


Added by Verified Investing on September 29, 2016 at 9:22am — No Comments

Exact Top On Twilio Inc Calculated, Still A Monster Move To Go $TWLO

Using a measured move method, I calculated the probable top on Twilio Inc (NYSE:TWLO). The stock will continue to squeeze higher until $83.00. The current price is $69.75. The method used is simple when you have a daily chart that has a big move higher, then a long consolidation pattern and another big move in progress. Simply take the low to high of the first move (on TWLO approximately $30) and add that amount to the low of the next move in progress. The low of the current move on TWLO is…


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Trade It: This Chart Says A 50% Move In Oil Starts Within The Next Week

Oil is setting up for the start of a 50% move in the next week. With the triangle pattern on the commodity chart coming to a head, oil will either have to breakout or breakdown. This will be the start of a monster move that every trader should be in. If oil breaks out of the triangle pattern, spot crude will head to $64. If oil breaks down out of the triangle pattern, it will head to $28. In other words, whatever the direction break, there is either 50% upside or downside. Catch this trade…


Added by Verified Investing on September 28, 2016 at 9:30am — No Comments

Buy It Here: Tempur Sealy International Dives On Weak Outlook

Tempur Sealy International Inc (NYSE:TPX) is diving lower on a weak outlook. The stock is crashing after-hours, trading at $-17.75 (-23.84%). I am going to be focussing on a key support level tomorrow to buy Tempur Sealy. The level is $49.85. This is a double bottom level and a  breach of $50, which will work as a spring to pop it back up. This could be good for $1-$3 upside tomorrow alone, should it trigger.



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Black Swan Event On Horizon: Every Investor Needs To See Deutsche Bank (NYSE:DB)

Black Swan Event: An unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences Deutsche Bank AG (NYSE:DB) may be the black swan no one is talking about. The European bank opened below a major triple bottom support level at new lows.

It has been widely said, that if that triple bottom support level broke, it would cause Deutsche Bank to spin out of control and into default. An event such as this would trigger a domino effect among other financial institutions, mainly…


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Why I Am Buying 3X Long Biotech ETF $LABU Into The Stock Market Close Today

There is one simple reason why I am buying the 3x long biotech ETF $LABU into the stock market close today. There is a Presidential Debate tonight and biotech has been under pressure the last few trading days, afraid of what targeted attacks it would get from the candidates. Ultimately, there will be relief when it is over, not matter what is said. The fear of what may be said is always worse than the actual event, which means a sharp biotechnology rally tomorrow. This is literally a 1-3 day…


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Short It: Oil Surges On Inventory Decline, Approaches Its Max Upside Level

Spot crude oil surged dramatically higher today after reports of a 14 million drop in inventories hit the wires. Spot crude oil is trading at $47.53, +2.03 (+4.46%). While a monster move, big money is talking about a major resistance level approaching at $47.75. Many pro investors and traders are looking for a potential short here based off the trend line connected between the recent highs (see the chart below). Also, institutional money is telling me that the up move in the last week…


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Why I Am Short $AAPL And Plan On Holding It To This Target

I am short Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). For those that clicked *Get Alert* you are in with me. It is in my portfolio, a verified swing trade with a short entry of $110.14. The current price is $105.70. For those that do did not opt into this trade, you will see it when I close Apple out, on my verified track record. I shorted specifically at the $110.00 price level because that was a technical resistance point on the stock chart. There was a major gap fill on the chart, plus on the day I…


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Facebook Will Be Under $100 By End Of Year On Alarming Cutback In Targeted Ad Spend

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will be under $100 by the end of the year. Analysts are beginning to buzz about some of the news that has hit the stock lately. Just today, it broke that Facebook had over estimated key video metrics for two years. The stock is sharply lower. This is just one more nail the the coffin. The biggest one came a month ago when Procter & Gamble Co (NYSE:PG), the biggest spender on advertising in the world said they were moving away from highly targeted Facebook ads.…


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Big Wall Street Insider Showed Me This: I Responded By Shorting The Russell 2000

Big Wall Street Insider Showed Me This: I Responded By Shorting The Russell 2000

I rarely get good information from my sources. I usually rely on studying the stock charts and doing research into companies myself. This time it is different. A well known Wall Street insider who I have looked at as an idol, showed me the chart trend line seen below. I immediately shorted the Russell 2000. The expectation is for the pull back to begin next Monday according to him, but it…


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Buying It Today: Walt Disney Co Likely To Be Best DOW Performer In Rest Of Year

Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS) will be the headline best performer in the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the next sixth months. I am looking to accumulate a large position based off technical and fundamental signals. This will be the staple of my account, with me trading around it with other positions.


1. The stock has fallen from its 2015 high of $122. This is a steep 25% discount. With a brand that will live forever and a relatively low P/E compared to the…


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When This Triggers, I Buy Big Share Size On Bristol-Myers Squibb Co $BMY

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co (NYSE:BMY) is putting in a great bottom on the stock chart. My finger is on the buy trigger for a large block, but only when one specific thing happens. Notice the tight range Bristol-Myers Squibb is trading in as it makes the bottom? Smart investors such as myself are looking for it to break out to the upside. The second price moves above the current tight range, I will hit the offer with a big block. The odds are extremely high that when it breaks to the…


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The Federal Reserve Doesn't Want You To Know Buying This ETF Is The Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Buying this ETF will literally turn out to be the best decision of your life. There is proof but the Federal Reserve is trying to plug the holes and keep it from you. There statements hide the fear of what is coming, as they know they can only delay it, not stop it. The crazy thing is, their actions are giving you an opportunity to buy it at a discount before it continually climbs for years to come. The ETF is ProShares UltraShort Lehman 20+ Yr (NYSEARCA:TBT). This is a short the 20 year…


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Stock Chart And Institutions Say Chipotle Mexican Grill Is A Screaming Buy

Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. (NYSE:CMG) just tagged a major technical support level that dicates it is a screaming buy to investors. You can see this trend line in the stock chart below. Chipotle has also put in a huge base over the five months, signaling a low risk trade to the buy side. Lastly, hedge fund king Bill Ackman loaded the boat just weeks ago at a higher price. This gives average investors not only a technical signal to buy but also a fundamental reason. Following one of the best…


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Bought 10,000 Shares Valeant Pharmaceuticals, As Breakout Likely Begins

Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl Inc (NYSE:VRX) likely broke out today. Recently, it has turned the corner, making higher lows and higher highs. This is extremely bullish price action The stock is flagging in one of the most perfect bull flags you will ever see. The low today (which tagged the daily 50 moving average) and reversal to the upside could be the start of the big breakout to a new higher high. Big investors have been accumulating for long periods as this turn around story takes hold.…


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Collapse Alert: Facebook Inc Earnings Will Likely Miss, I Just Bought Puts

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) will likely see as much as a $20 drop in its stock price based on both technical and fundamental factors. With earnings a month away, the stock is forming an extremely bearish flag pattern on the chart. The downside should begin playing out within days. The catalyst for major downside though, will occur when Facebook Inc reports earnings. Multiple companies have stated they are no longer seeing a profitable return on Facebook ad spend. With major companies pulling…


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