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Steven Vincent has been studying and trading the markets since 1998 and is a member of the Market Technicians Association. He is proprietor of BullBear Trading which provides market analysis, timing and guidance to subscribers. He focuses intermediate to long term swing trading. He finds the study of markets to be an utterly fascinating pursuit and endlessly challenging. When he is not charting and analyzing the markets he teaches yoga and meditation in Los Angeles.
TheBullBear.com was established in 2010.


BULLBEAR MARKET REPORT:  BBMR is posted for BullBear Traders members here first and excerpts are posted later on a time delayed basis for the general public here: BullBear Blog
DAILY UPDATES:  I post daily updates on the markets I am covering.  On many days there are multiple updates.  Most other services publish a monthly report without an updates.  Each issue of the BullBear Market Report is a living document the grows and develops over time.
BULLBEAR CHARTS: dozens of charts annotated and updated regularly. They are grouped into categories for maximum utility.  Accessible to donating BullBear Trading members.
TWITTER FEED:  When you subscribe to BullBear Traders you also get access to the BullBear Tweets feed to receive instant updates and chart tweets throughout the trading day. This is a high frequency, high value feed which is actively updated with charts, market observations, links to news, articles, videos and sites and much more.
DISCUSSION FORUM:  There is a private Forum in the BBT room for donating and subscribing members.  Members are strongly encouraged to ask questions or make observations in the Discussion Forum.  I respond personally to all questions and observations in a timely manner.

There are two levels of access on the site:
Level 1: TheBullBear.com
BullBear Trading features the financial market analysis and trading of Steven Vincent.  Members of the general site get delayed access to some of my reports via the BullBear Blog.
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There is also a full suite of social networking tools available.  You can post in the Discussion Forum, upload videos, friend other members, build your own profile page and even start your own following by creating a Group.  Feel free to make full use of everything available here.  I only ask that content be relevant to the general mission of the site.
Level 2: BullBear Traders
Members of the general site who want to get immediate access to all my reports and daily updates can join me in the BullBear Traders room.  With a few clicks of the mouse you can request room access.  No credit card is required to join.  New BBT members are invited to spend a month in the room checking out my reports, updates and analysis and reviewing the archives.  I think you'll find my work to be among the best available.

Suggested monthly donation: $40.00

Minimum monthly donation: $30.00

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Keeping You on the Right Side of the Markets
My mission is contained in the motto: "Keeping You on the Right Side of the Markets".  I try to provide you with information, analysis and interpretation to help you make the best trading decisions possible.  I work hard to be free of any bullish or bearish bias so that I can see the markets objectively and help you execute your trades successfully.
SPX 2010 BullBear Trading Record:
 Unique Model 
BullBear Traders is unique.  I don't feel that I should take money from you if I can't fulfill my mission of keeping you on the right side of the markets.  At BullBear Traders, there is no monthly membership fee.  But if you decide to stay with us longer than a month, I ask that you make a donation.  I know that you will fully appreciate the high quality and hard work that goes into my market coverage and that you will want to show that appreciation with a generous donation.  BullBear Traders donate at the end of each month for continued full, immediate access to all features of BullBear Trading.  Members can also set up a recurring donation or subscription.

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