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There are two BullBear Twitter feeds available.

1) The FREE BullBear Twitter feed (Twitter.com/TheBullBearposts some BullBear tweets on a DELAYED basis.  It also posts alerts to new reports, blog postings and updates. Anyone can follow this feed. 

2) The SUBSCRIPTION BullBear Twitter feed (Twitter.com/BullBearTradingposts all BullBear tweets IMMEDIATELY.  This comes with a SUBSCRIPTION to BullBear Traders.



included FREE with a recurring monthly subscription to the BullBear Traders room:


Immediate annotated charts with commentary all day every day as the markets develop



Immediate updates on all analysis and trade setups



What's a "Leading Diagonal"?  What does the Summation Index measure?  Get links to the best explanation of technical analysis tools and indicators.


Immediate notification of recommended articles, videos and charts



Immediate comments posted to articles, videos and blogs all over the web



You'll get immediate access to all the information, data and analysis that I find, read and develop as it happens.  You'll be on top of the latest developments and my view on what they mean.  And when it's time for me to pull the trigger and get in or get out, you'll know about it right away.

I send out annotated charts, comments, news articles, videos and links to analysis and much more every day.  You can benefit from all the research that I do every day without doing all the work involved.  I hand pick all the best material and send it out to you; everything you need to know without the noise.

You view the twitter feed online at https://twitter.com/BullBearTrading.  You can also configure Twitter to send the tweets to your mobile device.  Another way to get immediate notification is via a desktop notification service.  This will throw up an alert at the corner of your screen with an audio prompt as well whenever a tweet comes in.  I'm using Seesmic Desktop (http://seesmic.com/).  There are many other similar software and web based services.

You can also receive your tweets via email.  Just login to your Twitter account, go to your HOME page at Twitter.com and find the "RSS feed" button on the lower right side of the page:

Click on the button and it will take you to the RSS feed of your twitter stream.  It includes all the tweets that you are following.  Copy that address from the address bar and then go to one of these services:




Paste the address in the appropriate box on the signup form.  I haven't used these services so I don't know which one is best.  And there may be others that are better.

Because BullBear Tweets is a private feed you can't receive its RSS feed directly.  So in order to get the tweets by email you need to receive the entire stream. But the services listed above have filtering features so that you can select only the tweets that you want to receive.  You can also receive them in a digest (single daily mail).  But chances are you want to get them by email right away as they are posted.


Here's what the twitter feed looks like:

(click to enlarge)


Here's a sample annotated chart:




After subscribing to BullBear Traders, request access to the BullBear Tweets feed at https://twitter.com/BullBearTrading.



 Please make sure that your Twitter name or profile references the name on your BullBear Tweets payment profile so that your payment can be associated with your Twitter account.



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