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In this space I will post notes and updates to BBT members about the use of and features of the site and the BBT Trading Room. You can also post suggestions and ask questions relevant to the function and features of BBT membership here.



Please post trading related questions in the appropriate Discussion Forum topic. If there isn't an open topic that fits your question or idea then go ahead and create one. This ensures that your question isn't lost in the mass of email that I get and also helps the group since many other members probably have the same question you do and can benefit from the answer and discussion about it.




General account questions (how to use features, features you would like to see) should be posted here as a reply to this topic.

Matters specific to your account (login problems, donation issues ect.) should be emailed to me via the site email service. Just visit my profile page here Steven Vincent and then click on SEND A MESSAGE under my profile heading on the left hand side. If you look to the right you will see your account name and under that your INBOX. You can check there for messages. If your account Email Settings are set properly you will also receive an regular email notification that you have received an email to your BBT inbox. (Note: you can't reply to the notification directly, you must login to your BBT account and go to your inbox). Messaging me via the BBT site ensures that you message does not get lost or forgotten about in the mass of email I receive.




It's a good idea to select "Follow" so that you will be notified right away of any updates to the topics that interest you. At the end of any forum topic (analysis, reports, trades and market coverage are posted as topics in the forum) you will see a link like this:



It's also recommended that you "Follow" the discussion forum itself so that when new discussions are posted you will receive a notification. Look to the bottom of the main page of the Discussion Forum:




There are several ways to navigate directly to the latest post in a topic.


If you receive an email or twitter, in most cases the link will take you directly to the latest update. Usually it is a shortened URL that looks something like this: http://t.co/QXaQCPF


If you go to the Discussion Forum, the topics are organized so that the most recently updated are at the top of the list. This makes it easy to identify which updates you need to read.


Also, if you click on "REPLY BY STEVEN VINCENT" (or whoever happened to be the last poster in the topic), you will jump directly to the most recent update.


If you go to the first page of a topic, you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find the topic navigation area. There, just click on the last number (in this case there are 4 pages in the topic) and it will take you to the last page.


There is no way to make the latest post appear first in the topic. It's also not desirable to do so, since new members who are jumping into a trade need to read the entire discussion from beginning to end in order to understand the trade setup and parameters. As you can see, there are many convenient ways to navigate quickly to the last update.




BullBear Traders members make a monthly donation for immediate access to all reports and updates. New members are invited to spend a month reviewing the archives of prior activity for without donating.

As a guideline, subscriptions to other services range from $40 to $350 per month.

Suggested monthly donation: $40.00

Minimum monthly donation: $30.00

Members can donate an amount of their choice at the end of each month to maintain room access via a paywall that presents itself when the month has expired.

You can now also set up a monthly recurring donation ranging from $30-$200. You can cancel or change your monthly recurring donation amount at any time.

Subscriptions for 3 Month and 6 Month terms are also available.




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