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I receive many unsolicited comments from appreciative BullBear Traders.  I really do work very hard to "keep you on the right side of the markets" so it makes my day to receive such kind, sincere words of support and gratitude.  


Below is a sampling of the positive feedback received during our first year here at BullBear Trading.  If you have something positive to share about TheBullBear please do add yours below as a reply.  Thank you in advance!


Steven Vincent

BullBear Trading


Hi Steven,

 I would like to thank you for allowing me to be a guest on your site this past month. This time was spent learning to navigate all the areas of the site, evaluating your analysis and getting a feel for your trading style. After 30 days I feel you have done a terrific job of doing what you claim and keeping subsrcibers on the right side of the markets. The bond call was impressive. What I especially liked about it was your level of confidence and the clear unambiguous timely email alert. Although a month is not a long time in market terms you have shown you can make money for your subscribers.  I have decided I am ready take it to the next level and put my capital to work based on your stock market recommendations. 

I have made a one time first donation of $30. I hope you will consider this an investment and appreciation for letting me test drive the site. Going forward I am looking forward to our mutual success and generosity. 

Best regards, 
Greg Toth

Thanks very much. I did not know your site was brand new!  Congratulations.  I am certain you will be successful as you seem to care about people and teaching them valuable survival skills.

Hello Steven,


Thank you for your contrarian point of view.  I watch for updates on your site every day.




Hi Steven,

I've only been a part of TheBullBear trading service for a couple days, but thus far I'm impressed.  I've been looking for a trading service that uses waves to complement my current system.  I was suprised to see it was by donation only!  I'm a business owner myself and you're certainly providing a service worthy of compensation....I placed a donation tonight when I got your email.


Kudos on a top shelf service, I'm looking forward to making money together.



While I am not new to the markets, I am new to trading the S&P 500  which I do through puts and calls on SPY.  Over the last year I've learned a great deal about what to look for when swing trading.  Your reporting is accurate and tradable.  As I've mentioned, Prechter's group has been continuously calling a top since Aug and listening to their siren calls about an imminent  wave 3 have cost me dearly.  You are far more the zen guy, listening to the market with an open mind and changing your outlook when the the market says so.  Over the last few weeks your calls have been right on.  There are no guarantees, only continuing effort to understand what the market is sayng, and effort to always keep open and objective.    You are gaining my confidence through your hard work and I look forward to a future with you as partner in my efforts at financial independence.



I am an early member of TheBullBear---perhaps one of the first few.  I have been following Steven's phone interviews and later his audio and video reports.  I am not an active trader; however, when I do decide to trade, I greatly value Steve's commentary and analysis.  It keeps me in tune with the rhythm of the market and makes me feel more confident when I do decide to put on a trade.  Let's face it.  The market is a scary and very complex place and I rely on thebullbear to keep me on the right side of the market.  Needless to say, I will be donating tonight so I maintain full access to all of Steve's reports and interviews.  Thanks, Chris


Hi Steven,

First off you should be tooting your own horn!  You were all over this correction way ahead of time.  I follow and pay for several other services and none of them were calling a short prior to the Tues selloff except the ones that sold in March and were sitting on big losses.


 Keep up the good work!  



One of the things I've learned from your service is not only weighing out the setups and possible scenarios, but also seeing when you pull the trigger on the trade.  I face two primary issues when trading...one is seeing the setup and failing to get in at the proper time because over analysis or fear.  But the biggest hurdle I have to overcome is staying in the right trade and let it mature.  I've learned a lot in both these areas by watching when you trade and going back after and looking at why you got in/out when you did.  Honestly I haven't followed a single trade recommendation from you, to this point, as far astiming, but your signals have helped me to confirm a trade I was already in (or add to it) or let me know to be on my toes if we're in opposite trades.  

In general I tend to over analyze and over trade the setup, so the education you're providing along with the trade itself clears both these areas up for me.  

Anyway, I'm very pleased with what you're bringing to the table each day.  You provide some great analysis.


Many thanks.  I think your work is absolutely outstanding and look forward to your comments during the day. 

I consider your work to be brilliant!  Your comments are one of the few things I look forward to reading every day.  I often wonder how you keep up with it. You must not sleep! LOL

.  Kind regards,

 Sherron Corry 


I have come to trust your judgement over those of the so called gurus on wall street, and others that sell their service.

  Many thanks for your fine analysis and astute judgement.


Gerry Kitt has sent you a message on TheBullBear.com :


Subject: weekend report


"Thanks for getting it out before Monday so I have a chance to digest it...  Once again I am blown away by your thorough analysis of the most probable future scenarios.  Thanks to you my trading is becoming more sucessful, and I am able to fade out a lot of other analysis saving time.  I am working a lot of hours so you don't hear from me.  Keep it up and again... thankyou..."


Alex Hartley replied toyour discussion "10/17/10 BullBear Weekend Report":


First class analysis as always. Not only that but it's actually very easy to understand which always helps.


Dave replied to your discussion "10/23/10 BullBear Weekend Report":



Steven, good analysis as always. Never miss a report.




I have sent a 50 dollar donation and would like access to the BullBear report. If wave 3 does not happen soon I will fire the Elliot Wave International group as they have been the proverbial broken clock always bearish, and I've lost a lot of money taking their trading advice while you are consistently on the right side of the markets. 

Tony I replied to your discussion "11/04/10 BullBear Trading SPECIAL REPORT":





Thank you for your most excellent market analysis... I think you are absolutley right! Since I have been a member with TheBullBear, you have caused me to see the light and change from my Prechtarian ways... I now consider myself a BullBearian........ Thanks so much!



D. Nadeaau replied to your discussion "11/04/10 BullBear Trading SPECIAL REPORT":





Good call on XLF in your orginal post. Please continue to post your trade ideas. Kudos on tracking this market so well!


Dear Steven,

I am writing to you because I would like to acknowledge you. I'm a student and I don't have a lot of money, free acount is the best for me. Free acount is only 1 month. Could you give me a more time free acount when I will earn a money I will pay back everything to you. You are the best analyst.  Your posts are very useful for me. I would like to study the markets and earn a money. Thanks for everything.  You are the best and your practice is very helpful for me.



David Berkowitz replied to your discussion "11/28/10 BullBear Trading Weekend Report":



Very nice work Steven, you really cover all the bases.

JOHN CHAN replied to your discussion "12/20/10 BullBear UPDATE":


I have to say that you now have put me on the right track.  Until yesterday, I did not know what is going on. Your explainations clearly takes me off that raft in the rough sea and put me on solid ground from now on.



Matt correia replied to your discussion "12/20/10 BullBear UPDATE":


Wow this is a great blog and great website, thanks for letting me pick your brain. 



JOHN CHAN replied toyour discussion "Long Alternative Energy":


Just checking in. It is now my routine to check thebullbear.com every time I am at my computer. Best way to keep oneself on the right side of the market. 

Dead On Steven,

I followed Hochberg's analysis for years and it seems with him that theirs always one more "final push" before the "Next leg down occurs".  They are like a broken record with this. Anyway you are teaching me to have an open mind regarding the markets which I find refreshing.


There is a plethora of sites and shows out there, but they are all ego-based and/or pushing some service or subsrcription. Your group will grow because you offer sound comments and are not trying to sell anything or predict anything. You are discussing the probabilities of a market event happening based on research, experience and hard work. People will come and join because they will perceive the value of these discussions.  Chris

Steve - 

I have (I think) been on your site three weeks. I made a small donation to bull bear this morning. I apologize for the small size of the donation, but will increase it with time. 

I am one of those who got into the markets and lost money (some of it borrowed). So I appreciate the depth and especially the objectiveness of your analysis.

 Sincere thanks. 

David Taylor 


Good call this week. Finally started getting in on the S&P.  $25.00 donation for membership and $15.00 for tweets is very resonable if that's acceptable for you at this point.  You've helped my trading a lot, and I'm not losing money, but I've still been making mistakes and not making as much as I'd like. It's a really tough racket as you well know.  All in all, your S&P analysis has been really good. Thanks for all the great work!


Hi Steve,

I have made a donation to your site.  I think your performance is splendid, really... better than others like Robert Prechter or Glenn Nealy... congratulations, you are a number 1, the Elvis Presley of trading.  Just don't shave your head like the Goldman Sachs boys (Paulson, Kashkari, Blankfein...)

Cheers, Marco 

Dear Steve,

I find your updates very informative and accurate. I have been a student of Elliott Wave principle for 3 years now with Prechter and company. I must say that the longer I follow them the less faith I have had in their application of the wave principle. I think they have a very bearish mindset on their wave count which clouds their short term market analysis. 

I find your objectivity refreshing and I think you have an open mind. 


Tony I 


I just watched your video. It was great! This is exactly what I was looking for. It was insightful and reassuring in a lot of ways. You gave me a handle on where things are and where they are going. 

I am looking forward to following your advice and making some money. 

Thank you, 

I am now pleased to have come across your website, another that analyzes the markets using Elliott Wave principles in a manner that lets Mr. Market speak rather than forcing an opinion onto the data.  Thomas Willis

Thanks again for all of your hard work on this blog. I enjoy it very much and check it several times a day for updates. I hope you do well with it. 
I plan to contribute on a monthly basis. 



Please add your own supportive comments below!  Thank you!


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Thanks, but let's not get too overconfident!

RIGHT,we must be alert and aware of our emotions and at the same time be able to have fun.

Discipline is a vehicle for joy!

Steven... I had no idea there would be so many "Tweets" during the day. I want you to know I can only imagine how much labor you put into your "love" (trading). I more than ever, appreciate your work. You have no idea how even the seemingly small tweets help me feel more comfortable about the market. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!! 
You're welcome Stephen.  Yes I do work very hard, but I know it will all pay off for you and for me and other BBT members so it will be worth it.
When you get a chance could you give me directions on how to make it into the trading room. I never seem to get there. I read a reply by you which said to click SPX on the home page, but can't find it. I am interested in finding good entrys and exits for SPX via one of the ETF's Thank You !! Let me know if I need to donate to enter the Trading Room in addition to the $15 a month for the tweets!

Trading Room is here.



Trading Room Access


Yes there is an additional donation for BullBear Traders access separate from the $15 for the BullBear Tweets twitter feed.

Dear Steven,

Thanks for your hard and very good analysis.

Unfortunetly i can't buy or seel anything for the moment, but i still follow your market analysis.

You produce a very good job.

Thanks a lot.

Loic from Paris (FRANCE)

Thank You Steven! I am SIGNING UP

From William Chu to You

I am a portfolio manager in Singapore and I have subscribed to quite a number of "guru letters" for alternative views over the past 7 years. I must say that I have slowly dropped a few of them off and will sign on to your website on a monthly basis as I have found you views most actionable. Most importantly, you are fast to change your views when markets change.

I have spent a year observing your views and as a professional investor and writer myself, I would like to tell all new visitors to sign up without hesitation. They will certainly find their money well spent here!

Thank you for your hard work!

God Bless

William Cai

Steven As you know I have just taken the plunge and subscribed for 6months with your deal

I have been watching your website and commentary for quite a many years now and have compared it to others - I find you  to be quite extra ordinary and your work is exceptional - the best around- always at the cutting edge but at the right time - I have not signed up previously due to the one fact that my hedge fund was still being built out - thanks Steven !!! But keep it up - ha

Thank you Greg.  Welcome aboard!


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