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I was in and out of the Crude trade since 5.22.09. I use a RATE OF CHANGE to identify the strongest and weakest markets. Crude has been one of the strongest since then. However yesterday I got taken out of my position. I trail from the highs 3 standard deviations and yesterday took me out. However Crude rallied and if crude surpasses 72.00 I am trying to ride the trend following train. I have no idea if the trade will work nor do I even care. I just put them on and see what happens. My risk is less than 1% of my account and in many cases less than that. The idea to trend following is to trade without any opinion. If the markets are strong and if I have a small risk I have will to take the trade and see what happens. I have an exact plan what gets me into a trade...and what gets me out with a loss or a profit. This is a long term approach, surely not a get rich quickly.

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Comment by andy abraham on June 18, 2009 at 2:21pm
Just look at Donchian...It worked since then...why would it stop working...
Comment by Steven Vincent on June 18, 2009 at 2:09pm
I, too, have found that trend following is the best way to success in trading. I avoid countertrend trading like the plague (shorting in a bull trend or going long in a bear trend).

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