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Examples of Commodity Trading Advisors that are Trend Followers

Below is a short list of Commodity Trading Advisors that Trend Follow. Trend Following has been around since the time of Donchian. The interesting point is that Commodity trading advisors that really understand risk have been able to generate returns of 15-20% over long periods of time. Look at this short list. The bigger question is why aren’t more investors investing with Trend Followers or CTAs who trend follow? I personally have been investing in CTAs( commodity trading advisors) with the goal of compounding my way to wealth. If I can do it…so can you…

Abraham Trading Since Inception:1,740.12% Annual RoR:14.81%(VAMI)Inception:Jan 1988
Millburn Commodity Since Inception:6,544.00% Annual RoR:13.90%(VAMI)Inception:Feb 1977
Tactical Investment Since Inception:1,522.22% Annual RoR:18.92%(VAMI)Inception:Apr 1993
Clarke Capital Since Inception: 744.14% Annual RoR:20.26%(VAMI)Inception:Aug 1997

Many more such as
Hyman Beck

How did your Mutual Fund Do? Are you tired of Buying and Holding ( Hoping)? Will you make money if the markets turn down again? The irony is that many of these commodity trading advisors had one of their best years in the midst of the worst economic background since the great depression. This is not a get rich quick but rather compound your money over many long years.

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Comment by andy abraham on June 21, 2009 at 12:07am
Yes ..I saw it ...I prefer mechanical systems...this keeps things systematic..and easier to follow... the key is to be consistent...
Comment by Steven Vincent on June 20, 2009 at 8:11pm
Yes I do find that personal mindset and emotional make up are factors. Some are better suited to a certain style than others. One example of this is the use we make out of tools. I am very visual...I like to see things graphically...it helps me to lay it out in a visual way...so I like to chart and I like to use chart formations. It really seems to work for me. Others just don't respond to charts and formations....they just see a bunch of lines and nonsensical squiggles.

PS check out the chat room in the lower right corner! ;)
Comment by andy abraham on June 20, 2009 at 3:28pm
Yes you are right... In trading you must trade your personality and comfort... all the best...
Comment by Steven Vincent on June 20, 2009 at 12:07am
Thanks for posting this Andy. I like to trade for the intermediate term best. It's the time frame that seems to suit my mental and emotional composition. Would you say that it is true that the general principles of trend following can be applied to any time frame? It seems so to me. I think it is easier to follow and stay with a trend the larger the time frame. As time frame narrows it becomes increasingly more challenging to identify and stay with the trend. Certainly a daytrader could also be a trend follower, however, it is significantly more challenging since even a little bit of noise can disrupt the trend and momentary news items become more disruptive. Just my .02!

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