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Closing Comments:


It MUST trade above 77.10

If not it enters a down extension to 76.65

Although as such at 76.94 it bounces

Not taking out today’s low (77.06(5)

Moves the reversal door handle (79.91)

and also the big reversal door handle (86.50)

Above 77.52 opens the reversal door (79.91)

Above 77.91 we’re in the reversal room

The problem with the buck is the manipulation



I mentioned earlier we reach 13941 to 13992 which is the long term (years) OAV

Not reaching these levels adds compression to the downside

Meaning we simply reach the first target sooner (116.00)

Never the less

If 13836 stays intact as the high the next hours we also have another reversal pattern

Until the close

IMO we reach 13856 to 13873 on the overnight session

But this could change



No change from the earlier update

The first 20 to 30 minutes of the next open is quite profound regarding the overnight session (I will update later as needed)





1305.75/1306.00 we will have a pullback

the pullback must take out 1294.75 (minimum)

otherwise back up again


Clearly above 1308.75

It runs up again (non-stop) to 1321.00 – 1325.00

At 1325.00 it pulls back

If the pullback stays above 1296.00 it continues upward to 1330.25 to 1336.75

It could reach 1308.50/75 and sharply pullback


Although the DJ-30 is quite more profound regarding the upside

1260.81 to 1206.96 is a super key level



No change

We’re in the early stages of a move down to 83.44 to 83.96



No major change

Possibly a minor change

I need 90 more minutes for a confirmation of the minor change

As such I’ll update later as needed




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Comment by Master Che on February 2, 2011 at 12:15pm



At this stage of the game

the game being a 75 month pattern (the euro trades in a 25 month cycle)

and we're in the turn time of the pattern

never the less

the attraction up to the OAV (open apex vector) of the correlating patterns which is at 14005/14010..after either reaching the OAV or failing to

the move is down to parity (10000) although the first stop on the way is at 11676

the down price target (the next 25 to 75 months is 8604 to 8664

Comment by luciano perotti on February 2, 2011 at 11:41am
The Euro levels you mentioned, for me are two important Fibonacci confluence zones. The first is a weekly one, 13940-13946, while the second is a daily one, 13992-13999.

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