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Elliott Wave International: Short and simple

Elliott Wave International: Short and simple

I am not sure they fully understand that for most people, the purpose of the markets is, quite simply, to make money. An indication they might not share your goal (or any trader/investor’s goal) is they never provide practical guidance for trades.

For them, it seems that the more arcane the analysis the better. That seems their purpose. Not making money.  In fact, they apparently are so disinterested in making money,…


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Eleven hours

Robert Prechter/Steven Hochberg write a market update Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

The US stock market is open 6.5 hours per day, so they ‘update’ three times in a 33 stock market hours week, every week.  Or approximately every 11 hours.

From March 2020 to November 2020 occurred one of the strongest bull market advances in the US stock market in decades.  It was a highly persistent,…


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GURU of the decade

Robert Prechter was named guru of the decade by FNN (the CNBC forerunner) in about 1989.  Prechter made excellent market calls from the late 1970’s through 1987.  

Since then, he has been consistently wrong. Wrong for over 30 years (3 decades!).  Not just wrong on the stock market, passionately wrong.  Now, there have been 4 very significant bear markets from 1988 onward, and because Prechter = bearish, he was bearish in front of them.  But he has been bearish for over 30…


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