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Mylan Hits Key Long Term Trend Line, I Am Buying

Mylan NV (NASDAQ:MYL) continues to collapse off the EpiPen fiasco. While minimal to their net revenues and profit, the negative press and public scorn is causing massive investor selling. That is where I look to step up and score a great swing trade by buying. The first step is to look at the stock chart and see the support level. I have been eyeing Mylan for days now and it finally hit a major support level at $40.00. The key is the long term trend line conneting the lows going back…


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AT&T Inc Classic Bear Flat Plus 20 Moving Average Igniter Signals Price Drop

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) hit the radar today on the bearish side. The reason is on strong bear flag formation. A bear flag formation is seen after a strong  down move when price goes sideways, forming a right angle. This is one of the most bearish signals you can get on a stock chart. In addition, to add insult to injury to the AT&T chart, the daily 20 moving average has crossed the 50 moving average and is nearing price. This is called an igniter, because when it gets to price it…


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Gilead Sciences Near Hard Bounce Level, Likely $5 Upside Next Week

Gilead Sciences, Inc. (NASDAQ:GILD) is nearing key support. If you look at Gilead over the last few months you will see that there is a trend line connecting the lows. The current price of Gilead Sciences is just above the trend line. History tends to repeat itself, thus when Gilead hits that trend line, investors should expect a stock chart bounce. The level of the trend line is $75.00 while the current price is $76.89. Investors who buy at $75 should expect a bounce back to at least $85…


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$HSY Hershey Nearing A Sweet Buy Level

In late June, shares of the Hershey Company (NYSE: HSY) skyrocketed higher upon receiving a $23 billion takeover bid from Mondelez International (NASDAQ: MDLZ). Hershey rejected the deal, but their share price maintained at these new all-time highs around $110 for two months as investors expected a higher bid to emerge. Two days ago, that hope died for those investors when Mondelez decided to no longer pursue Hershey, and $HSY quickly sank 10%!

For the smart investor, who didn’t buy…


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Strong Buy Signal: Dollar General Corp. Hits Key Stock Chart Level

Dollar General Corp. (NYSE:DG) is signaling a strong buy signal on the stock chart. This is coming after $DG was crushed on earnings last week. The stock collapsed from $91.70 to its low today of $73.07. The signals flashing strong buy come from volume trends changing, major stock chart support being hit and institutional chatter. The signals are showing a likely bounce to $80.00 in the next few weeks.…


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Oil Smoked Again, But Nears This Bounce Level: Profit With Quick Trade

Spot crude oil is taking another hit, crashing to a low of $43.15, -1.55 (-3.47%). Pro traders are beginning to scope out a buy level for a swing trade bounce. Based on the spot crude oil chart, the bounce will occur when oil tags $42.95. This will only be a multi-day bounce, maybe only two to three days in length. However, for smart investors it will be big enough to profit substantially. Note the major technical support shown on the commodity chart…


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3 Obvious Signals A Stock Trading Guru Might Be A Fake

We live in the information age with millions of individuals on the internet claim to be a stock trading 'guru'. Of these millions of so called 'pro traders', maybe 5% are legitimate. The others are dreamers, fakers or outright frauds. So how is the average investor expected to sift through millions of self proclaimed 'pros', finding the elite pro traders? It all comes down to looking for three obvious signals.


1. Lack of Transparency: Pro Traders Handling Their Own Track…


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Alcoa Inc Chart Strength Is Every Investors Profit Dream

Alcoa Inc (NYSE:AA) has been in a slow and steady price decline for two full months. Most avearge minded investors would think a slow decline is bearish but it actually shows bullish consolidation and accumulation. Often times these are institutions slowly accumulating as small investors get frustrated and sell. What impresses top pro traders and investors the most is the lack of downside Alcoa has seen since commodities have collapsed in recent days. It is simply continuing to create one of…


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