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                     There seems to be negligible participation or discussion in Mr. Cardwell's group


considering RSI's depth and Mr. Cardwell's aclnowledged expertise.



                      I wonder why this is so.




                      Sunil Bist

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Andrew was not able to log in for a while due to computer problems but he is back now. Ask a question in the group forum and I am sure he will answer you.
Mr. Vincent,

Thank You for your trouble in updating me. Frankly,I only hoped
to follow Mr.Cardwell's comments and had never dreamed that I would be able to
address him directly. I will have questions for him a little later and would like to thank
you once again for providing me this wonderful oppurtunity

With best wishes and regards,

Sunil Bist
Also the site is relatively new and we are just beginning. You can send a message to Andrew via his profile as well.
Hello Sunil and others looking for me. Yes I have had a few computer problems recently. I hav also been dealing with family health issues with my parents. You know you only have one set of parents. I should be able to starting posting comments this week.
Mr. Cardwell Sir,

I convey my best wishes to your parents and pray they will be well soon.
Also, I am looking forward to your comments.

Thanking You,

Sunil Bist


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