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I am starting a bottom fishing strategy using Bullish Reversal Patterns (opposite of those for the Profit Alert Filter) for entry with emphasis on those with clear RSI Bullish Swing Buy Signal.  Once the stock is selected, it will be exited when RSI falls back below the Buy Signal trigger.  If the stock advanced and pass the Alpha 20 Holds Filter, it will be subject to Alpha 20 Holds Filter exit criteria and Profit Alert criteria same as the Alpha 20 Holds Strategy.  The selected stock must be a member of Alpha 100 at the time of selection.  Market timing criteria will be the same as those for Alpha 20 Holds.  There will be no reentry during down markets.


Initial selection enter today at 12:00 pm will be as follows: ACTG, ARIA, CMG and EGHT. 

Future changes will be reported in IN-N-OUT Discussion.

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OUT: None

IN: None




The run from 8/25/11 gives the Strategy a 5 day return of 10.74%.  All positions except BAS has subsequently passed the Alpha 20 Holds Filter.  In the current market enviroment, the strategy probable will not make additional entries and exit any positions on possible weakness to protect profit. 




IN: None

OUT: None



Positions in Bullish Swing Strategy are holding up better as compared to those of  Alpha 20 Holds Strategy.

VectorVest has several bullish search like Russel 2000/RT, Jail Break, or Blyar's Bottom Feeders/BMB that always report to work at market bottoms. The 5 days returns for Russel 2000/RT as of 8/31/11 was reported as 27.87%.  The top 10 stock identified by Russell 2000/RT Search as of 8/26/11 are: MOTR, TSPT, HMPR, IPSU, MILL, FRO, NABI, COCO, KVA and GTIV.  Noted that these stocks were the worse performing members of a major index find by using sort criteria: RT Ascending.    Inspired by this, as the market makes a serious low in the future,  the bullish swing strategy will start applying this RT Ascending sort criteria to the Alpha 100 stocks to identify potential reversal candidates.






IN: None




Although sometimes the stock market or individual stocks seems to be pretending instead of for real, the risk level increases and at the current environment, the Strategy has to exit positions at the first sight of weakness. 


Unlike the prior end of July downturn, when Alpha Stocks were falling ahead of the General Market.  Alpha stock at present time show a degree of resilency as the # of TOP 100 Alpha Stock passing the Alpha 20 Holds at 80 have yet to start declining.  The # picked up by the Profit Alert Filter was 14 the day before and 8 for yesterday.




Bullish Swing exits all positions.


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