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Alpha 20 Holds is adding a Market Timing Criteria to prevent reentry during down market:


Here is the current criteria for the market timing:


1.  Price of IWM:SPY below or above 7 Days EMA

2.  Price of SPY:TLT below or above 7 Days EMA

3.  Price of SPY:VXX below or above 7 Days EMA

4.  ROC below or above 7 Days EMA.


No reentry will be made when any of the above criteria is below the 7Days EMA.





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Drop criteria 4:


ROC below or above 7 Days EMA.


ROC can go lower as long as it is above zero.




PPO HIstrogram has a shorter negative bar yesterday and expect another shorter bar today.

IWN:SPY = .586 > 7Day EMA = .585

SPY:TLT = 1.06 < 7 Day EMA =1.07 but expect to cross over today

SPY:$VIX =3.21 > 7 Day EMA =3.09

RSI is slight a resistence level, a slight up tick will result in a Bullish Buy Signal.

TBB is closed to a Buy Call.


Alpha 20 Hols will acquire new positions if the market rises after the fisrt hour. 



Today I did a Profit Alert Scan on the Alpha 100 Stocks and an incredible numbers (41) come up on the scan.  Our experience here indicated the Profit Alert has us exiting positions right before the big plunge. The market is in deep trouble now. 


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