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The trading world is set up in a way that anyone can open a trading account and start trading forex without any experience whatsoever. Many seasoned traders can attest to going into forex as a means of creating passive income. However, over time, they have ended up pursuing trading actively on the various financial markets. Once you fully grasp the concept of forex trading, you will realize how profitable the venture is. The truth is that to fully conceptualize FX trading and make it optimal, you need to acquire a deep understanding of the financial markets, the technical and fundamental analysis and perform copious amounts of research. While these steps seem difficult and time-consuming, they are integral to your success as a forex trader in the future.

Copy trading has grown to be one of the easiest ways to get into forex trading. It is the best alternative for people who are busy or people who want to trade while learning. The idea of copy trading has been existence for many years and is widely used by people who want to create a passive income portfolio.  The main advantage of FX copy trade platforms is the fact that they have given people access to investment opportunities that are easily executed. Here are some tips and steps you can implement to make money with forex copy trading:

Get the right platform

The market is currently saturated with copy trading platforms that offer a variety of services. While picking a platform, ensure that you select one that gives you full access to a large number of traders. The more the traders and users a platform has the more chances you have to start with a successful streak. Ensure that the platform gives you a certain level of freedom to make decisions and set parameters as well. 

Register your account

After you have selected your platform, ensure that you go for a demo/practice account first. This way, you can gain confidence before starting to invest real money into the venture. Do not copy a trader blindly without at the very least knowing some of the basics of FX trading.

Find the right trader

Finding the platform and getting a demo account is half the struggle, you also need to find a professional experienced trader to copy. In a saturated industry, how do you find one? Research and compare the history, statistics, the strategies as well as the number of followers for each trader. This will give you a rough idea of what to expect and how successful you will be if you decide to select a particular trader over the other.


One important rule when trading is not to put all your eggs in one basket. The strategy that will work today, will most probably fail you tomorrow. Diversifying your investment portfolio helps to significantly minimize your risk. Keep in mind that past results will not guarantee the same performance in your future trades. Pick a trader that appreciates this fact and have moderate risk levels. When starting out, start small, and then gradually increase your investment as you observe your trader’s strategies.

Track your progress

Track the results from your trader's records and make adjustments to your portfolio as you go. Be patient and objective enough to acknowledge that not every drawback means that you have to exit your trader’s strategy. Everyone makes mistakes, the most important thing is to learn from it and avoid making the same mistake twice.


FX copy trading presents a viable opportunity for people looking to invest and make money either passively or actively. While it is important to acknowledge that forex trading does not offer complete protection for your money, it should not deter you from investing in the venture. Every kind of investment has risks; here you can minimize the risk by using a copy trader. Learning to trade through copy trading is easier than learning individually, however, you still need to be patient and find a trader who will optimize the experience for you.

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