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Question: if you ran 'Elliott Wave Theorist', what would you do?

There is information below from Sentiment Trader, describing what almost everyone knows: The 2020-2021, 16 month bull market, is one of the largest and sharpest in recent history. In case you do not know, the analysts at Elliott Wave Int'l have been bearish from the March 2020 lows and 'fought' the bull market for its entire advance. They constantly warned a top was at hand, or the market would top very soon.  They we're hostile to the market and to its investors, with a tone of the morality of a fire and brimstone preacher.

Question: If you we're them would you say anything about not only missing the historic bull market, but openly deriding those who we're investors, with a moral tone that they would 'pay'.  What could they say and how?


From Sentiment Trader:


One of the "Sharpest" Rallies in 60 Years Is Rolling Over

For investors, nirvana is a market showing steady and impressive gains without much risk. That pretty much sums up the past year.

Using a version of the Sharpe Ratio, the S&P 500 has seen the best risk-adjusted returns since late 2017 and ranking among the best ever.

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