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Hi BBT members.  I am trying to make TheBullBear.com and BullBear Traders more search engine friendly so that more people can find us.  If you could take a moment to answer this simple question it would be much appreciated.


If you were looking for a website or service like mine, what keywords or search terms would you enter in Google or another search engine to find it?


Thanks for taking the time to help me answer this important question!


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Just a few.


Here are some ideas for you. 

1. Find a service provider that is successful at doing what you are doing - they get found in organic search for some of the terms you are looking to rank for.  The take that site and go to the google external keyword tool - enter the web site address not keywords and see what google thinks the site is about.  For that matter you can also enter your main keywords in additional searches - you'll get tons.

2. Take that website address to compete.com - for free you can see how much traffic it is getting and the top keywords it gets traffic for. 

3. Take the keywords that you have so far and enter each one into the google wonder wheel - google will tell you what it thinks are related terms.


Hope that helps

good ideas!
Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and the input.  For starters I changed the tagline of the site to a keyword rich phrase: Stock, Commodity and Financial Market Trading and Investment Analysis from "Keeping You on the Right Side of the Markets".  The latter will of course continue to be the real tagline and philosophy of TBB but for search engine purposes it does not contain keywords that people would likely use to find us.

Dear Vincent,

I usually do not look for items through key words but I guess  I would look for "good traders", "successfull trading", "elliott wave experts" or the like,


Excuse my humble answer.



Antonio Iruzubieta 

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I am not sure what the best tag line to use would be but, I can tell you that I found your site thru the Market Oracle because I was searching for someone with a fresh perspective on the Markets and not someone who has Market Myopia.

Hope this helps,

Tony I

"market timer"  "market timing"  "market forecast" "market prediction"  "technical analysis"  "market newsletter" "market updates".

You could try submitting your buy/sell signals to a timer monitoring service such as Timer Digest or Timertrac. If you got high up in their rankings it might help attract attention to your service. Just an idea!


Best of luck! BEN

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