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Hi BBT members.  I am trying to make TheBullBear.com and BullBear Traders more search engine friendly so that more people can find us.  If you could take a moment to answer this simple question it would be much appreciated.


If you were looking for a website or service like mine, what keywords or search terms would you enter in Google or another search engine to find it?


Thanks for taking the time to help me answer this important question!


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Profitable Trading
Market commentary
Market commentary
market strategy, stock market forecasts, market adviser subscription services
technical analyst service, stock market analyst or analysis.


The Boolean expressions:

S&P AND resistance

S&P AND support

S&P AND technical

market timing, profitable, technical analysis, trade with the trend


Try Bing in addition to Google



Technical analysis

Chart analysis

market ananlysis


market commentary


Forecast / stock market / stock market forecast / financial forecast / EW / Elliot Wave /
Best Technical Analysis, Best Technical Analysis Subscription Service, Accurate Stock Market Forecast.

Steven- I would google 'stock market trends' or 'stock market predictions' or 'stock market trend- bull or bear?'.

Hope that helps and thanks for your insights!


Michael Holland

Hello Steven,


Technical Analysis, Trends and Strategy for financial markets ...




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