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Hello Steve,

I was really looking forward to listening to your 9/17 report to hear your thoughts on the dollar and gold, which have been on the move. However, your embedded player is linked to your previous 9/14 report and so are the download links which are labeled 9/17. I also checked youtube but no luck (and the embedded video player on your site causes my browser to crash).

I preferred the audio version of your show with accompanying charts due to bandwidth issues. You could make your shows much shorter though! If all the stock charts and all the currency charts (except USD) have similar bullish technical indicators, you do not really need to discuss every one of them. :)

I admire your objective and open-minded approach to technical analysis and have learned from you. I am a bit skeptical of your macroeconomic theories, however. I think you may attribute too much meaning to market fluctuations. I am in the long term deflation/recession camp, which may be a topic for another thread.

What I want to know now is whether you've turned bullish on both gold and the US dollar? [I would consider this consistent with continuing deflation.]



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Thanks for the feedback Mike. Thanks for alerting me to the upload error on the show...I'm uploading the correct file now.

There were problems with the recording of the HD show thus no YouTube. I think the issues should be worked out and future shows will be YouTubed in HD (very high quality charts). Of course I will continue to post charts in Guest Charts (didn;t have time to upload Andrew's for the last show) and my charts are always available just by navigating to BBMR Charts.

The show is going to progress to more than just technical analysis (I agree too much TA) and there will be segments with reporters for each segment. The first will be a News wrapup.

I am bullish on gold and bearish on the dollar until a dollar retest of the March/July 08 bottom. Then we will have to see. I still think a rally in the dollar could happen at any time. If it continues to fall it will be the first time in market history that 99% of the market was on the same side and correct. The bearish consensus on the dollar is at extremes.

The Prechter/deflation point of view is worth considering but I do not think that it will play out...yet. There may be a time when it does 3-4 years from now if the world and national economy fails to produce real (not phantom inflationary) GDP growth. But my sense is that due to the massive growth in BRIC and elswehere as well as the upcoming technological revolution in the infrastructure of developed economies that the world real GDP will double in the next 15-20 years. Progess and growth are unstoppable now more than ever due to technology.

Thanks for your feedback and thanks for listening to the show! Please call in sometime and offer you thoughts questions and ideas. Also check out the new Voice Messaging system: http://www.thebullbear.com/page/voice-messaging-1


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